Let Us Introduce Ourselves

What We Do

KTEC is a student-operated free form radio station, broadcasting 24-7, 365 days of the year. Reaching all corners of the Klamath Basin, anyone with a passion for radio can become a DJ, hosting their very own show. We started broadcasting in the old theater building, now the Tech Fit gym, on December 19th 1950. We are the oldest active free form radio station in the Western United States, and for over sixty years, students, staff, and volunteers have helped us become a community icon. Our mission at KTEC is to serve both Oregon Tech and the Klamath Falls community with alternative programming. Our broadcasting agenda is designed to serve the public interest, and our free-form programming platform provides our DJ's the freedom to share what they love with the world. Give us a call or text anytime at 541-YES-KTEC (541-937-5832). If you're interested in becoming a DJ, check out our simple online application, available on our homepage, or contact our program director. To learn more about KTEC, click here KTEC 89.5 FM. Our Radio, Our Way.

Who We Are

  • Station Manager

    Nick Baer

    Responsible for overseeing the station and making sure we don't burn to the ground, the station manager is the one who decides the direction of the station and sees to it that their staff are doing all they can to see that direction happen. Major Electrical Engineering Hobbies Music (making, playing, listening), Graphic/Web Design, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Favorite Bands Pink Floyd, RHCP, Pearl Jam, CAKE, Black Sabbath, The Black Keys, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Justice, Led Zepplin, the list goes on...

  • Program Director

    Nicholas McCaslin

    Our Program director is the one in charge of training and watching over the DJ's. He address concerns between the DJ's and staff, as well as updates the Live DJ schedule. Those DJ's grow up so fast. Major Management Information Systems Hobbies Rugby, Gaming, talking Favorite Bands Tobymac, Linkin Park, Capital Kings, Paramore

  • Technology Specialist

    Steve Fredricksen

    Some say that he truly is a robot, and that he overclocked his own brain. All we know is we need him to build and maintain our computer and network systems. Major Management of Information Systems; Systems Analysis Hobbies Gaming, Overclocking, Building Systems, RC Vehicles, Humor Favorite Bands Linkin Park, Drop Kick Murphys, Cold, Disturbed, Coldplay, Hoobastank , Mozart, Bach, Hendrix, Steppenwolf and too many more to list.

  • Production Director

    Shaun Rasmusen

    The owner of a sultry voice and a passion for wooshing sound effects, our production director is responsible for all those sweet liners you've been hearing. Station announcements? Tag Lines? Underwriting voice-overs? This guy does it all. Major Software engineering Hobbies Music, bouldering, camping Favorite Bands Thievery Corporation, Gramatik, Wax Tailor, Caravan Palace

  • Music Director

    Jack Cleveland

    If no one is in the studio, does KTEC still make a sound? Yes it does, thanks to this guy. The music director here at KTEC is the one in charge of our automation schedule. They also manage when PSA's and underwritings play. Major Mechanical Engineering Hobbies Woodworking, Piano, Live Theatre Favorite Bands All Levels at Once; Joe Hisaishi; Jamie xx; Aivi & Surasshu; Takenobu

For a full listing of KTEC Staff positions and what they do, click here

Do You Have a Question? Maybe This Will Help

Can anyone be a DJ?

Yes they can! Anyone at all can apply to be a DJ, no prior experience is necessary. We'll even train you! Just fill out our easy online DJ Application (found on the homepage), or contact our program director. We look forward to getting you on the air!

Where is KTEC?

Good question. KTEC 89.5 FM is located on the bottom floor of the Oregon Tech College Union building, on the south side. Our office is located at CU 113. Just head toward the College Union from main parking lot and listen for the music!

Do I have to have only a certain kind of show?

Not at all. KTEC 89.5 FM prides itself in being the only free-form station in the Klamath Basin. Being free-form means there is no limit to what we can put on the air! We let our DJ's decide their show's content from the very beginning, whether it be jazz, raggae, sports radio, a comedy show, politics, you name it! We're not here to judge. The only rules we have to follow are those given by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which state what kind of material (clean or dirty) we can air and when. More info can be found on that here: FCC Safe Harbor Laws

I have a bunch of old vinyls/cds/etc. Can I use them at KTEC?

Yes you can. KTEC 89.5 FM is equipped with two professional vinyl players, as well as a professional CD player. In addition to those, we give our DJ's access to an auxilary cable so you can plug in anything your heart desires, from 8-track to betamax. Lastly, in case you don't have much of your own music, our station has a wide range of media available to all our DJ's.

Does KTEC have live DJ's? Or just a computer playing music?

Glad you asked. While KTEC has an automated system to play music when no one is in the studio, we are proud of our many live DJ's. You can see the schedule for all of our live DJ's, as well as our automation schedule, on our schedule page. If you think KTEC is missing something and want to share YOUR voice, you can always sign up to be a DJ yourself. If you looking to become a DJ here at KTEC, please feel free to apply online with our easy online application, located on our homepage under DJ Application, or contact our program director. If you want something more out of KTEC, but don't really want to be on the air, we've got something for you too. Also located on our homepage is the Listener Survey, where you can tell us all about what you want to hear on KTEC. We're the community's radio station after all. Your voice is important to us!

Can I get paid?

While KTEC does have some paid positions, our DJ's are on a volunteer basis. Don't let that discourage you though. Being a DJ is your chance to share your voice and your music with the world. Come on in and have one of the most fun and engaging experiences you may ever have. In the event you are looking for a Job here at KTEC, we do our hiring's in the fall. However, feel free to fill out an application and give it to us at anytime. The form we use is the general Oregon Tech hiring form, and can be found here. We'll keep your application on file and let you know as soon as there is an opening. Please note that you must be a Student at Oregon Tech to become an employee of KTEC 89.5 FM.

Do I need any previous experience?

Nope! Our setup here at KTEC has been laid out so that anyone can learn to DJ. The best news? We'll even train you! Just fill out our online application (found on the homepage), or contact our program director and we'll get you up to speed in no time.

I have family back home. Can people listen to KTEC online?

They can. Located up near our navigation bar at the top of the page is our commerical-free online music stream! Just click the play button, sit back, and relax and listen!

I am a student leader/local buisness owner. Can KTEC help me with DJing/advertising?

We'd love to! We have a couple on staff DJ's ready to go, plus a few very talented volunteers, eager to work with you to DJ your event. We have our own equipment, or can use yours, or some combination. Whatever will get you the best show. As far as advertising goes, we can mostly help you. As we are a non-profit educational station as defined by our FCC license, we can't directly advertise. However, we can do what is known as an underwriting. An underwriting is almost the same as advertising, except with no "calls to action". This means we can't say, " Go and check out this event!" or "You should try this product!" We can however tell our listeners all about your event or product and let them decide themselves whether they want to partake. But hey, your stuff is so cool who wouldn't want it right? For more info on underwriting, please check here

Are you guys a real radio station? Can I listen on the radio in my car?

You certainly can. While some college radio stations only reach the edges of campus, or are entirely an internet station, KTEC 89.5 FM is a fully functional radio station, with broadcasts reaching all of Klamath Falls and the greater surrounding area. Listen in your car, your dorm room, your house, wherever you can pick up a signal, and of course, online! KTEC is THE Klamath community station.

I have a bunch of old CDs, vinyls, cassettes, etc. that I don't want anymore. Can I donate them to KTEC?

Yes! We'd love to take your old music donations and use them in our library. Head on over to our send us music page for more details.

Can I play live music over the air?

Yes. As long as the material played over the air is FCC legal, you can play whatever you would like. We would love to have live music, band interviews, and anything else that comes from live music. It helps build the community, and that's really what radio is all about. Please keep in mind the KTEC guest policies, outlined in our DJ Handbook under Guest Policies.

Can I play my own style of music?

Of course! One of the best parts about being free-form is giving our DJ's the freedom to play any kind of music they want. You want to play reggae followed by smooth jazz followed by the pokémon theme followed by death metal? Great, can't wait to hear it.

I've heard that certain things can't be said on air? Is that true? What are they?

You've heard correctly. Certain words and phrases can't legally be said on the air. These are determined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and are defined here. These rules apply to DJ's, guests, music, audio clips, and anything else that you could put out over the air.

I'm already a KTEC DJ. Can I have guests with me in the studio?

As stated in our DJ Handbook, all DJ's, regardless of age, are allowed one guest in the studio with them during their show. After 11:30pm, no guests under the age of 18 are allowed. If you plan to exceed the limit of one guest, you must receive prior approval from the station manager or program director. Ultimate responsibility for guests lies with the DJ. Guests who violate the station's rules will be permanently banned from KTEC.

I've tuned into KTEC, but I can't head anything. What should I do?

First, check to make sure all your systems are on and tuned correctly to 89.5Mhz FM. In the event everything is set-up correctly, it is the duty of all volunteers at KTEC, and a welcomed help from community members, to report any "dead air." If you happen to tune into KTEC 89.5FM from your home or work, and cannot hear anything, please inform the station manager or program director through call, text, or email.

What do I/would I have to do as a DJ?

As a DJ here at KTEC 89.5 FM, it is expected that you follow all rules and guidelines stated in our DJ Handbook.